Random, and probably whiny (wildncrazygurl) wrote,
Random, and probably whiny

Tonight, we are young...So let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun

Today: major girl problems, TONS of final projects to work on, my favorite jeans ripped.

lol but now that that bullshit's out of the way...

This just is such a bummer, leaving GR.

Maybe it's because I know that I'm leaving, but... I really feel that things are finally fitting exactly into place over here. It took a while to feel as though this city was my own. And I understand myself so much better than I did when I first got here (Thank you, GR, for that!), I wish I could take this person to explore even more in this city. I can appreciate it more now, I think.

I want to hang out at the Pyramid Scheme & play games at Stellas. I want to meet up w/that guy & mess around, I want to be independent, I want to take the time and enjoy my friendships, I want to go to class! That's the weirdest realization: Even class is so much better. I never liked my program (still don't, I guess), but the people this semester are so much better than the ones that graduated last semester.

Everything really is fitting perfectly, right where it should be. This sounds dramatic, but I feel like I'm being ripped away from it. This love for this time in my life and GR in general, it's going to make it so much harder to leave than if I had left last year.

Hopefully I can find my way back.

& hopefully I can start to see this as a way to start a new, exiciting opportunity!
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